Need suggestions for my Purphoros Goblin Tokens deck

Wesmonster avatarWesmonster 14 months
{"ops":[{"insert":"Here is the deck:\nMy budget is$250\n"}]}
John_Sherwood avatarJohn_Sherwood 14 months
{"ops":[{"insert":"I think this deck will run out of steam and you'll find yourself slogging in top-deck mode. I recommend you find room for some actual card advantage. I would start by swapping "},{"insert":{"card-link":"Gauntlet of Power"}},{"insert":" for "},{"insert":{"card-link":"Vanquisher's Banner"}},{"insert":" . "},{"insert":{"card-link":"Ignite the Future"}},{"insert":" is one of my favorite impulsive draw effects. Impulse draw in general is better than rummage.\n"}]}