[Builder] Custom card art

Jeremy avatarJeremy 2 years
{"ops":[{"insert":"With this proposed feature, users will be able to upload images to customize the art of the cards in their decks. This will be an opt-in feature, meaning you will not see other users' custom art unless you choose to turn it on in your account settings. \n\nIf this proposed feature is of interest to you, give the thread a thumbs-up and leave your thoughts below! User interest in each feature will help us prioritize in development.\n"}]}
Hello_There1 avatarHello_There1 19 months
{"ops":[{"insert":"This would fall under the \"custom card catagory\"\n"}]}
slatron avatarslatron 17 months
{"ops":[{"insert":"I would be very interested in customizing card images. I alter several of my cards and would love to see my alters here.\n\nI see this as different than the Custom Card Category. This would simply replace the image as opposed to interacting with existing card filters. Possibly with a setting to toggle original / custom image views. I think Cube Cobra has a similar feature.\n"}]}
{"ops":[{"insert":"It's unfortunate to see such little support for this feature. Me and my friends consistently make nonsense decks based on themes that have really nothing to do with MTG but are fun to craft. I've made a \"Stuffy Doll : Good Guy Doll / Chucky\" deck. We have a \"Battletoads\" deck a \"Biker Mice from Mars\" deck. and while we have found alternate ways to import these cards, I would very much like to combine all of my decks here on Archidekt.\n"}]}
Mirunog avatarMirunog 4 months
{"ops":[{"insert":"I think it would be important to be able to upload a pic of the whole card for full-art alters.\n"}]}
Jeremy avatarJeremy 4 months
{"ops":[{"insert":"Yeah, if we're to do this at some point, you'd certainly be able to upload an image for the full card.\n"}]}