[Builder] Custom cards

Jeremy avatarJeremy 2 years
{"ops":[{"insert":"Over the years, users occasionally request a way to add custom created cards to their decks. This would be a significant undertaking for us whether we have the UI for creating these cards or just a way to upload them from other sources. We're interested in hearing what form you'd be interested (or not interested!) in seeing custom cards take on Archidekt.\n\nIf this proposed feature is of interest to you, give the thread a thumbs-up and leave your thoughts below! User interest in each feature will help us prioritize in development.\n"}]}
{"ops":[{"insert":"I have made a post about this so I will be brief, but this would be very useful for brewers and people making custom sets. It would take a LOT of work but if it can happen eventually I think it would be worth it.\n"}]}
Hombre944 avatarHombre944 2 years
{"ops":[{"insert":"There are two categories I'd like to see here. \n\n1st, I sometimes proxy real cards because I don't think the official art does it justice (and this is an opportunity to use the oracle text). \n\n2nd, I homebrew my own cards. \n\nI'd like to be able to add both to these into my Archidekts. \n"}]}
{"ops":[{"insert":"I am interested in this feature because a friend made some custom partner commanders of myself and my partner that I want to make a deck to play against him and his partner. I prefer an artless method (e.g. a form to fill in all aspects of a MTG card) to do this. The alternative I'm using is two partner commanders of the same colour identity in the decklist and a footnote in the deck description with the custom cards.\n"}]}
Hello_There1 avatarHello_There1 20 months
{"ops":[{"insert":"Possibly, you could have a \"Card Creator\" where you could create a card by importing real cards with new images (have seperate stuff for importing frames and importing images, also allow for editing of such cards) or new cards entirely, with new text and so on."},{"attributes":{"header":4},"insert":"\n\n"},{"insert":"Or you could try and get "},{"attributes":{"color":"#00aced","link":"https://twitter.com/ImKyle4815"},"insert":"@ImKyle4815"},{"insert":" (twitter) to connect up card conjurer and archideckt with importing cards. (This could be done with other card maker websites, but card conjurer has the most extensive database of card frames real and customized, and kyle is a very friendly guy, also, card conjurer is very user-friendly, even a beginner can go right off the bat with awesome cards.)"},{"attributes":{"header":4},"insert":"\n"}]}
Lotus1 avatarLotus1 14 months
{"ops":[{"insert":"That second paragraph didn't age well lol\n"}]}
Xiton avatarXiton 18 months
{"ops":[{"insert":"Maybe integration with MTG Cardsmith or another custom card builder? Potentially with some kind of API call to whatever their DB is, rather than hosting the custom cardmaking system internally. I feel like that would cut down a lot of the development process on your end.\n"}]}
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BrentBuiltADeck avatarBrentBuiltADeck 16 months
{"ops":[{"insert":"Even something as simple as being able to choose the name of the custom card--with no other features--would be massively helpful. I personally use other sites to make custom cards, so I personally am not interested in having Archidekt devs implement a complete custom card creator with all the snazzy features.\nI would really enjoy seeing integration with external custom-card-creating websites, but if that's not feasible, placeholder cards with custom names will meet my needs.\n"}]}
BenBen37234 avatarBenBen37234 14 months
{"ops":[{"insert":"This would be Super Awesome!!!\n"}]}
Epikreaper19 avatarEpikreaper19 14 months
{"ops":[{"insert":"You could give us the ability to import the cards from our files and photos, to solve the issue of less safe for work artwork and card stuff you could make it a per deck thing, where you would have to go to a deck and import a file as a custom card, but those cards stay in that deck exclusively unless you put the same card in other decks, that way you don’t have to worry about nsfw stuff on the main site, because the only way you would see it is if you went to the actual deck. And also you could restrict the custom card thing to private decks only. (Sorry for the wall of text)\n"}]}
{"ops":[{"insert":"This would be great. Very interested. I know nsfw was a previously mentioned concern. Not sure the best solution, but maybe something like decks with custom cards have a pop-up before you can open them that says i agree to proceed to this deck which may have nsfw content. That way you don't have to police the cards people upload. Otherwise, I'd also be happy with a simple blank card that i could fill in text boxes. Just enough for reference and prevent the deck from showing errors.\n"}]}
CelloGuy1 avatarCelloGuy1 11 months
{"ops":[{"insert":"Absolutely! My friend and I make cards as a sub hobby and we have no way to legally play with them. However, I would l would like a way to create cards in Archidekt itself and not have to go through the difficulties of uploading them from who knows where.\n"}]}
DangerDean avatarDangerDean 11 months
{"ops":[{"insert":"I would love to see my cards in my decks in the future\n"}]}
MallCop avatarMallCop 10 months
{"ops":[{"insert":"I would be interested in the ability to add custom art (proxies or alters) for a card. The way I envision is that in the Set dropdown one could select \"Custom art\" and then upload an image. \n"}]}
Novapheonix22 avatarNovapheonix22 10 months
{"ops":[{"insert":"As someone who makes custon commanders regularly i'd lov3 to see this feature even if its limited to an artless card with types and text box.\n"}]}
Mauimauraluv avatarMauimauraluv 9 months
{"ops":[{"insert":"maybe making purely text customs? Because the images might be a bit much for the site....??\n"}]}
{"ops":[{"insert":"I'm working on a commander deck with a custom commander pair of my pets, so it would be awesome to be able to have custom cards on Archidekt. As for how to do it, you could use an upload png sorta thing, or maybe put a link to a service like imgur or something. If you are worried about users putting explicit stuff in their decks, you can by default make decklists with custom cards private only. plz add i wanna fight with my birds as my commanders\n"}]}